Do you have a friend who seems sorted and calm at a different level? Everyone likes them so much that you too wish to be a little like them. But you think you’ll have to read a hundred books just to learn everything. Trust me, that is not the case.

Socially intelligent people are not extremely aware, ‘know-it-all’ individuals, they are just good at certain skills that make them look like they have everything sorted. It is not as difficult as it may seem for you to be socially intelligent. All you need to do is polish your skills and be present in the moment.

Listening Skills

A socially intelligent person won’t feel the need to interrupt the other person just to state their own opinion. They let others speak. They believe in listening actively. So if you wish to be a socially intelligent, confident individual that people like listening to, be a listener yourself first. When you consider listening to the other person, they respect you for giving them attention and space for stating their points. This is a very different experience for an individual as very few people have mastered the art of listening.

Effective Communication Skills

They mind their words. Blabbering will only make you look immature. As a socially intelligent person, phrase your sentences appropriately. It is not about grammar but the words you use and how you present your views. One must work on communication skills as it is a prerequisite for literally every occasion, place and gathering. How you choose to communicate says a lot about the kind of person you are and is the second factor that can influence one’s image.

Speak when necessary, try to present your opinion in a more positive, decent manner. Speak politely even if you think your opinions are not being accepted gracefully, know that your opinion matters to you and how people perceive it shouldn’t affect your tone.

Embracing Criticism

Criticism can be constructive. Embrace it. Yes, it can be very hard to handle or accept criticism but it is something worth working on. Look at criticism as an opportunity to learn and get better. When you start taking criticism as a lesson and not as an insult, you will eventually start changing yourself for the good. Also, never take criticism or opinions personally. When you start burdening yourself with thoughts that have nothing positive to serve, you are just pushing yourself into a pit where you will only torture yourself and attack your own sanity. Criticism, if taken personally, can even affect your mental and eventually physical health. If you struggle with anxiety, overthinking, stress and depression, consider trying delta 8


Empathy is what helps you stand out and high as an individual. The world is cruel and we all need someone who is at least empathetic towards us. No one likes sympathy or emotional unavailability. Be there for people and show them you care. Everyone is struggling in life either to reach somewhere or to change where they stand. Whatever be the ultimate goal, the struggle to reach the destination is equally real. In such time the least we can do is be there for people and understand their share of struggles. You may not be able to help someone out, being emotionally available and listening can do a lot in their favor.

Being socially intelligent has nothing to do with what knowledge you have to put on the table but how open you are to embrace what is already there.