If you did have the power to travel through time what would you do and where would you want to be? Would you talk to people and try to make them understand your situation? What’s even better to think is if you would tell someone about the future you are from? Most of all these questions are what time travel specific sci-fi showcases. There could be many reasons why a certain someone was sent back in time or forward, but almost always it is questions like these are asked and tackled by such themed movies and shows. 

The answers to these questions can not just be tricky but can lead to a long chain of events that can not be foretold. These intangible variables are very tricky to look at and the ragged ripple effects of any decision made is the butterfly effect. 

How a butterfly can flap its wings at one point in time can cause a tornado days, weeks, or years later. As many of these characters learn, their time traveling changes the world. In fact, sometimes that’s the point. 

Time travel can be a fun concept to try to talk much about, there are theories but they can only be in hypothetical ideal scenarios. To take the hypothetical to its most extreme, we have narrative tales written in such intensive depth and full of extensive know how about the universe, time travel related shows can be a handful and a half. If it gets a little too confusing, you can try medical marijuana to get some much needed mental clarity, among other things. Check out Austin Chronicle to know more about the same. 

Dr. Who

In 1963, the BBC aired the first episode of Doctor Who. The series follows the exploits of a Time Lord known as “the Doctor,” an alien from the planet Gallifrey who travels through space and time in a craft known as the Tardis, which is disguised as an old-fashioned British police call box.

The original series aired from 1963 to 1989, with the Doctor being recast every few years or so.

The revamp to the series came in 2005, with Jodie Whitaker taking over as the series’ first female doctor in 2017. Each doctor also had their own human companion or companions who would accompany the doctor throughout their experiences. 


The three seasons of Dark were an intense, no fuss, no remorse rendition of many of the paradoxes associated with time travel and causal loop paradoxes. What begins with the sudden disappearance of a young boy in a German town, the story in Wisden takes so many turns and equally many possible outcomes. You almost have to sit with a copy of what is happening and who’s who, when is it happening and why, by the third season. 

With characters looking for answers no one is aware of, come around glimpses of the entire truth which connect the past, the present and the eventual future. The intricate and complicated intermingling of each life in each era is played to the best by Dark. They also handle and tackle temporal paradoxes unlike any time travel movie / series before. 

The Umbrella Academy

From a fateful day that leads to many women unexpectedly giving birth to children in different parts of the world, to when a glimpse shows its ultimate demise, The Umbrella Academy has it all. This sci-fi series assembles an incredible group of characters, each with their own significance and quirk to deal with. 

The Umbrella Academy gives all the needed time to each character and brings forth the best and worst of them all in ways even they wouldn’t imagine. 

The story goes back and forth, but is never out of hand and shows a band of childhood heroes teaming up to save the world.  


Stephen King was one of the greatest writers we have ever seen, as his works ranged far apart but the essence of his writing remained the same throughout. This eight – episode take on his novel of the same name goes through the life of Jake Epping. Epping is given the chance to change the course of history, which comes as newfound excitement in his life as a divorced English teacher. 

A friend of his struggling with cancer gives him the opportunity to go back in time and do his best to try and save John F. Kennedy from being assassinated. But when he does reach in the past, there is something he feels that is making his efforts

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