While it is a good thing that each and every one of us wishes to get more done in less time, it can be difficult for some to achieve the goal. It isn’t about the potential the individual holds but the work routine and habits they have cultivated in all these years which cannot just be completely changed overnight. However, it does not mean one should just give up and not try to achieve the goal. It may take some time but if you dedicate yourself to the process, you will reach the destination, sooner or later.

Here are a few tips that worked for a lot of people and we have decided to compile them for you. We hope it works for you and you finally get the time you are trying to create for yourself by being productive.

Write Everything Down

You can only start working on something when you are aware of all the tasks that you are supposed to complete. It’s always better to write things down than rely on your memory as there is a slight chance that you may miss something and something may just slip out of your mind. Write every task you wish to accomplish the next day. It is better to make a to-do list the night before so that you are already prepared for the day and you don’t have to spend the initial 30 minutes of your day wondering what is supposed to be done.

Take Breaks

It is a very common misconception that working continuously for an hour will get you more work done than if you are taking breaks. When you work continuously your mind shuts down after a certain point, making you slow. Taking regular breaks after some time of intense working help you relax, rejuvenate, and get ready for the work with new energy. This way you are more productive, efficient, and fast than before. However, how you spend your break time affects your overall performance as well. It is always recommended to use the break time to rest and relax. Taking a nap, sitting with your head on the table, going out for a walk, or smoking delta 8 cartridges are some activities that you can perform during your break time. 

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Avoid Multitasking

Another misconception that has acquired all the attention is that multitasking will help you achieve more in less time. This is not true. Multitasking will only divide your focus allowing you to concentrate on neither of the tasks and get away with it. This will make it difficult for you to accomplish even one task without simultaneously thinking about the other task that is on hand. It is always better to focus on one task at a time, complete it and then move to the other task. This way you are more efficient and your performance is of decent quality.

Group Tasks Together

Tasks that can be done together should be grouped together beforehand. Nope, it isn’t about multitasking but completing tasks of the same area together. This way you won’t waste your time rushing back and forth. Like, if you are in the kitchen, try to clear all the tasks that you are supposed to do in the kitchen all at once. Whereas, let’s say if you are working on two clients in a day, try to do the most important tasks of both the clients first and then focus on one client and complete everything before moving to the other client.

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