For centuries meditation has been used as an effective tool to improve your health. Buddhists have been meditating for years to understand themselves and their connection with all beings. They believed it to be the way to end suffering gain the ultimate enlightenment.

In recent years, several studies and research have given us an insight into the benefits of meditation. If there is one thing that is common between all us, it is the burning urge to be satisfied and happy. Whether a responsible family person, an insecure teenager or a crying baby, everybody seeks comfort. But are we looking at the right place? 

Some shop or take it to the outdoors to look for companionship, and some go on a food frenzy. But is that where the real source of happiness lies? They can pleasurable for a while but you won’t find the true happiness you are looking for in these external factors. Meditation takes away from all these factors and focuses your mind on the now. The real beauty lies in the present and that’s what meditation teaches us. 

Reduces Stress

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Several studies suggest that daily meditation is beneficial for people who struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress. Meditation gradually helps a person calm down and prevents strong emotions erupting uncontrollably. So, rather than controlling stress, meditation helps you calm your mind and achieve cognitive balance. In a study in 2014, more than 3500 volunteers took part to assess the benefits of meditation. The study suggested that meditation is an efficient tool to help people suffering from anxiety and depression. It revealed that meditation actually reduces the cortisol or the stress hormone measurably.   

Emotional Health

Meditation can help improve self-worth and self-image. It makes us more aware of our personality and thoughts. When we meditate, we get to understand our mind and what drives our actions and emotions. This helps us get a grip over ourselves and become more emotionally balanced. A study in 2015 found that regular meditation helps reduce the chances of a person suffering from mood-related disorders. Meditation promotes positive thinking and improves your emotional health. People get dogs who are good at protecting houses from intruders, likewise, doing meditation protects you from the negative desires and helps you live a stress-free life. 

Better Sleep

Researchers agree that meditation is a great way to find a mental balance which is essential for a good sleep. It teaches your mind and body to relax which actually helps you find sleep while alleviating all the negative energies that are trying to get you out of bed. Meditation helps you concentrate and focus your mind on a single object which thereby keeps your thoughts and emotions afloat. There are also guided meditations that are specifically designed to promote sleep. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Another benefit of meditating regularly is that it helps regulate your blood pressure. Meditation can be very useful for people with health issues and several studies have suggested the same. There has been conclusive evidence that meditation and yoga help generate positivity and improve your overall health. Researchers believe that regular meditation reduces the body’s responsiveness to stress hormones such as cortisol which is quite similar to blood pressure medications work. 

Final Thoughts

Meditation trains you to live in the now instead of contemplating about the future or dwelling in the past. As Master Oogway said, “Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that is why it is known as the present.” Today we are too busy to find a little time for ourselves. We don’t even have time to take care of our health. It is about time we seriously think about our health. Doing meditation regularly has several medical applications. 

Do you know early morning meditation can be more potent than coffee? It will help you stay energized the whole day without using any caffeine. And also works better than a gut-friendly diet. A 20-minute meditation to start the day would not just help you get through the day but instill positive energy which will make you work more efficiently. So, set your alarm clocks for tomorrow, let the meditation begin.