Working remotely sounds very enjoyable and exciting. Right? Who doesn’t want to earn sitting at home?

It is not as easy as it seems to you. It creates a challenge to manage work and home simultaneously. There is often a clash between work and personal life responsibilities.  A work-life balance surely helps you enjoy the opportunity of working from home. Here are some simple but most effective tips that will help you maintain a balance between your work and personal life while working from home.

Set a Morning Routine

Set a Morning Routine

Even if you are working from home and do not need to go to the office on time, wake up early in the morning. Drink a glass of water and go in the fresh air for a walk or other physical activity. Don’t check or reply to the office mails in the morning. Let them aside for working hours. Take a bath and get ready for work. I know, you are not going to the office and need not to get ready. But, it will give your mind a signal to be active for work. 

Make a Daily-Planner

It is most important to create a daily planner when you are working from home. As you are working from home, it sometimes makes you delay the task for a while. So, here you need to make a planner and clearly mention all the important tasks of the day. This is not going to include work-related tasks but personal tasks also. There should be a clear mention of the timings you are going to reserve for work and home. This will make you more consistent and managed. For instance, If there is a blockage in the kitchen pipe, calling an emergency plumber in Stourbridge is as important as attending an important meeting with your boss. So, if you have already included both tasks in your planner, both are going to get managed on time.

Not only creating a planner is important, sticking to it is also important. Do not clash your working hours with personal time until there is something very important.

Create a Workplace

Create a Workplace

Creating a workplace at home is crucial while working from home. It should be the least used area of your home so that other family members do not get troubled during your working hours. Keep your coffee, water bottle, laptop and other work-time essentials with you. So, all set for start working. You can work with more focus. It will also boost your productivity. 

Minimise Distractions

Distractions affect your productivity and focus. Here we are talking about all the distractions including your mobile phone notifications too. No doubt, It is not possible to avoid distractions completely when you are at home. But, it can be minimised with some planning. As you have already created a separate workspace, stay inside it if it is not necessary to go out. Keep your phone on silent or flight mode so that there is no sound of notifications. You also have the option to listen to soft music to avoid outside distractions.

Eat Healthy And Timely

Eat Healthy And Timely

Do not skip your meals even if you have a lot of pending work. Nothing is more important than your health.  If you skip or delay your meals it simply makes you stressed and less productive. Let’s say, you have blocked the 1-to-3 pm slot for your lunch. Make sure in this time slot, your priority should be your food, not any important office call. Similarly, don’t make a haste to finish soon and back to work

Take Short Breaks In-Between

Remember, you are not at the office. No one is going to question if you take a short break.  Working continuously for a long time can make you feel exhausted. So, whenever you feel stressed or tired working continuously, take a break for some time. Bring coffee for yourself, stretch your body, take deep breaths, and relax your body muscles. When you go back to work, you will definitely feel fresh and energetic. 

Final Thoughts

In short, it is better to say time management is essential to make life smooth and happy. So, implement the above-mentioned tips into your daily life to make an easy way to work and life balance.