The lake district is the place if you want to go and enjoy a hike or be one with nature. But, along with that side of this place, we also have a side that is tailor-made to help relax and unwind after a long day of physical exertion. 

So, grab a pint of your favorite drink and let’s see some of the best country style pubs to help you put your feet up and hair down. 

Old Dungeon Ghyll

For starters “Ghyll’ is an old word for ravine. If you look at this place you will see why it kind of fits perfectly with the whole place. Primarily because whenever you go here, you will see the place full of hikers. 

In place of what was the hotel’s cow stalls, you will see hiker’s bar. This place has an open mic night and live music on the first Wednesday of every month.  The bar serves food and drinks along with a great selection of Scottish whiskies, selection of ales and a decent wine cellar. Additionally, they also deal in packed lunches. So, if you are about to have a picnic in the countryside this place can provide you with the required. 

Wasdale Head Inn 

England is stunning in many ways and here is another one of those instances. England’s tallest mountain and England’s deepest lake both are in the parish of Wasdale and in the middle is this stunning inn. 

Situated in the middle of nowhere, this inn is a traveler basic. It has been around for the past two centuries.  It is maintained by the Lakeland spirit in all these years. Patron are warmed by wood firs and on the walls, you will find all kinds of climbing paraphernalia. 

This Inn has a great climbing heritage and functions as base camp for many of these regions tourists. Take a chair and enjoy the ambience by the fire. Or maybe walk to the slate bar and revel in some of the best views of the valley. Definitely one of the things to try before you die.

The Blacksmith’s Arms 

This place dates all the way back to 1577. It is a given that since that time it has gone through various iterations but what has remained constant is the character and charm it exudes. 

The internal structure of this place is also the same. It has oak paneling, the original range and heavy oak-beamed ceiling. This is also the only pub in the area that is on the National Inventory of Historic Pubs. This place is a time machine and gives you the nostalgic vibe with your drinks. 

Considering how cosy this place is, it still has an impressive selection of drinks and food. 

Drucken Duck Inn 

When you make your way to Ambleside, you will see a simple building with a lot of character just standing there. And this is before you even see the name. If this bar had a theme it would be Oak. There are oak beams, oak floorboards, and oak furniture take center stage amongst the framed art and hops that hang from the beams. 

Because of where the pub is located, it has some of the most amazing views of the fells. The beer uses water from the surrounding areas and that might be the reason behind the success of their home-brewed beers. Their Tag Lag won bronze at the Champion Beer of Britain. 

Hole in t’ Wall 

Built sometime in 1612, this pub still stands tall and proud. The owners claim nothing much has changed in this pub since its establishment.  Apart from electricity and central heating of course. And we agree wholeheartedly.

Hole in t’ Wall is the oldest pub in Bowness and has a great clientele. The ambience is exactly how you would imagine it to be. It is warm and welcoming. The split level rooms are the 1612 personified, complete with beams and open fires. The walls are adorned with pictures and oddments, as an old pub should be. 

Outside there is a small courtyard equipped with outdoor heating and seating for chilly nights. 

Pubs are a great way to mix with the local population and know about the culture better. So, try and hit these pubs on your quest for a sorted fun night out. If you are concerned about getting around they get a taxi app in UK and you are good to go.