Your catty brings a smile on your face. But, do you notice her ways and body language? Naturally, if she is not playing, snoring more and eating unusual, then she must be going through obesity.

Fatness among cats is very common. They’re whimsical creatures, and if don’t follow a routine, they get obese. This single problem is the root cause of other lethal ailments. 

What is obesity? A nutritional disease with excess body fat. There are mainly two conditions when it comes to cats. Some cats are over nourished, and some tend to retain weight. Both are the reasons to cause obesity in kittens. The problem occurs mostly in middle-aged felines.

So, you are the only one who can help them with this problem. In short, much food + little exercise = Weight gain. Read on to find out how you can help your cat come out of this health problem.

Reduce Total Calories

Obesity is common malnutrition in cats. Treating it at the right time is substantial for your cat’s vitality. Otherwise, you too have to go through the pain of losing them. So, to keep yourself happy, try to keep them healthy. We know, you admire your furry a lot.

But, sometimes, this love harms them a lot. As they don’t choose to eat themselves. You are the guide to them. And in your excessive love, you make them eat a lot.

As a result, your meow encounters heaviness. If your kitten has already gained a lot of weight, it’s high time to keep a check on her calorie intake. You must be aware of what they are consuming in 24 hours. Once you finish counting your meow’s calories, keep in mind that you don’t have to push her for a quick weight loss.

Kitty only needs to drop up to 40 percent calories usually in the start. There are foods which help them reach the desired weight scale. So, here is the complete diet check for your feline.

Meat Food

To initiate, don’t confuse the low-calorie food with less food. Since if you don’t feed the furry properly, or make her eat less, she might get ill. The trick is to find a diet which keeps your kitty full for most of the hours.

This way, your feline won’t be anxious about hunger, and her calorie count will ultimately come down. Foods which are focused on meat ingredients are best to suit the situation. Grain-based diets are not satisfying for cats as they feel hungry all the time even after eating.

Moderate Fats

A lot of over the counter foods that are labeled for weight management, never work optimum. It means that your cat feels hungry all the time even after having food. Meager fat diet is not the right choice for your feline. Try to add moderate fats in their meals.

Moreover, think once what happens when you go on a low-calorie diet? You never feel full. You keep on thinking about food all the time. Same happens to your cat. Fats are good when given in the right proportion. This way, you don’t have to worry about her hunger now and then. And beauty is that kitty is still on the dieting game.


If I remind myself of last fit cat, then it was “Tom,” from Tom and Jerry. Then, we have seen Garfield, the fictional cat, who embraced eating pizzas and plumpness.Indeed, pizza has no functional fibers. But, somehow, people got inspired by Garfield, and now cats are facing the consequences. Fibers are essential for digesting and utilizing food.

It helps your cat to utilize the food properly. As a result, your catty feels full most of the time. The fewer times she demands food, more chances are there for her health.

Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a great source of nutritious fare. You can give pumpkin supplements to your house companion. The easiness is that cats like canned pumpkins a lot. And the supper is healthy for them too. They act more active and playful when they enjoy meals.

Dry Foods

Now, here’s the real task is waiting for you. It is not possible to feed your kitten all the time with canned food. In that case, you have to shift to dry foods. But that’s okay! Your kitty can even lose weight while consuming dry meals. Here, the concern is that dry foods are high in calories if compared with wet foods. But, yes, brand matters. If you choose the right, the results will be right too.

Increase Physical Activity

Everybody knows that only food cannot help to manage the weight. You have to make an effort, only then you can motivate your kit for the same. An ideal exercise chart can help your feline get back in shape. And physical activities are the ways to turn out their fats into muscles.

So give them a medium to upgrade their weight according to their size. There are several kinds of exercises to help them out.

Stair Climbing

This is the game your cat needs. Stair climbing benefits to burning out the calories quickly. All miracles if you live in a double-story house. You can place the litter box at different levels to increase the activities since your cat will surely use it.

This encourages movement by your home furry. Running will keep the pet’s system working. The way you burn calories by running; the same method works for them efficiently. You can also play meal games with them. Stand on the top of the stairs with their favorite treats. Call them upstairs. When they reach you, make them happy with the gift.

Play this game twice or thrice a day with your kitty. The best thing is with these activities you also save your cat from heart ailments. 

Feather Toys on a Fishing Pole

Laser pointers and feather toys can also help your cat in losing weight. Every single bit of movement is worth for felines. Just show them tips and tell them to reach the principal points. Believe it; they love this game.

A Leash And a Harness

You have to train your cat first to walk on the leash. Find an adjustable harness and attach the leash to it. Felines can tolerate this for short periods. But, be patient. They will learn smoothly day by day. Remember not to leave your furry outside leashed to something.

Otherwise, predators may attack, and she won’t be able to escape. But, surely taking them on leash walk may help to maintain right body posture. Moreover, they’ll become more energetic.


Treats are love for cats. But, consider that mostly treats are high in calories. If you want to feed them regularly treats then factor them too in their total calorie intake.

Keep a Record of Weight:

After food and physical activities, spend some time on keeping a record of your pet. Once the weight loss regime starts, weigh your cat every second week. This step will help you to adjust her diet accordingly. Interestingly, an indoor cat should have 20 calories per pound to remain healthy.

On the other hand, the average outdoor cat should have 35 calories per pound to maintain health. Stay alert if your cat is losing weight repeatedly or more than 10 pounds a week. In such a case, increase calories in her diet to prevent her from getting weak.


Consistency is a sign of progress. I hereby want to mention that your job does not end where your furry reached an ideal weight. But, after that, you have to be more conscious about her weight management. Because if she doesn’t follow a schedule, she may re-encounter obesity.

And this might affect your mental status if your cat provides you with emotional support. With an ESA letter you can live in your house without any problem. Because she is your problem solver. So, she needs to be healthy to guide your life positively. Therefore, commitment to weight maintenance needs to be just as strong as weight loss.